I just wanted to say...

I just wanted to say...

The Vocal Orchestra

TheatrePosted by Pete Apr 25, 2012 17:50

The one with Seven people, seven microphones, and no instruments…

Yet there are moments of The Vocal Orchestra’s performance where you’d be mistaken to think you were sat in the middle of a club with a pumping bass line and killer vocals. What you realise however is that you’re near the River Thames sat in a giant upside down purple cow called The Udderbelly and for one whole hour, every noise, every sound, every salute to some of the biggest names in music come from seven preppy performers who take differing roles to create a thick lush sound of harmonious bliss.

Billy Boothroyd & Robin Bailey display find melodic talent as the tenors to the group. Johanna Jolson, Claudia Georgette, and Harriet Syndercombe Court take the higher registers whilst Ross Green delivers some incredible bass tones… the kind that shake through your body and you become adamant that it can’t be a human voice. Grace Savage however is a wonder to watch, taking on the role of “beats” this young performer is presented as a human drum kit, keeping the group together as seven sing out to various tunes.

But really how interesting can a beat boxing show be, Directed by Shlomo, the Guinness World Record holder and World Loopstation Champion? Well I have to say I wasn’t convinced until you actually see… HEAR this spectacle for yourself. What is clearly evident about this performance is how well this Septet work together and you cannot underestimate the amount of rehearsal that must have taken place in order to reach this standard. All seven are completely dependent on each other to deliver the vocals that have the audience a gasp, or indeed whooping with delight as they pull off renditions of Daydream, Sweet Dreams and a stunning performance of Hallelujah. If one performer is pitchy it’s going to affect six other complex vocal lines.

The show also promotes a great deal of fun, not your average “orchestra” or indeed “choir, the seven parade around the stage with slick routines, humorous parodies and all in all take the audience along with them as they go from song to song. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an episode of Glee, that couldn’t be more insulting to a company who eat auto tune for breakfast… you really need to hear to believe.

The production is high value and has great branding that is reflected across the video projections to the very mics each performer holds, the group are certainly worth the feeling you get as you leave. The buzz was quite enjoyable. They could quite easily wipe the floor if they were to go on Britain’s Got Talent and send dear Simon Cowell’s eyes into a blur of pound signs, but I think, and particularly after their headlining act at Udderbelly is through this “Vocal Orchestra” will go on to greater and bigger things.

It has to be heard to be believed… GO!

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