I just wanted to say...

I just wanted to say...

It's Personal

CyclingPosted by Pete Feb 29, 2012 15:53

So every day or so I'll complain about weight or looks blah blah blah! So as ever one for a challenge, I decided that in January I would hit the health hard and spend a little money from the pot of 2011 none existant holiday and delve head first into a personal trainer.

From the free induction it was clearly obvious that I don't use about 85% of my muscles as by the end of the forty minute session I woke up in agony the next day, crippled like an old grandma making her way to Aldi at the crack of dawn.

But still, I have found the whole thing quite remarkable and with 5 sessions of intense circuit training, education, and a new outlook on healthy eating I am starting to feel the burn... literally my "Glutes" are killing me as I sit at my desk.

The biggest challenge for me is my job. Taking up a large percentage of the day with many a "yah yah" occasion on an evening, the battle is and always will be drink and socialising...

... you see all these gym buff bodies, but then really do you ever see them out at all! I presented this to "Enrico" and his reply was simple... don't go out.

Its a fine balance and actually if that the case, I should probably settle for being a bit bumpy as to be honest enjoying life and its moments now are probably more important to me than slogging it alone in a gym.

And if I didnt have the weight I'd have nothing to talk about :)


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