I just wanted to say...

I just wanted to say...

Theatre 2012

TheatrePosted by Pete Feb 27, 2012 18:05

Presenting a quick round up... catchup!

2012... the year we've all been waiting for and I have been noticeably absent from any updates or writing.

January turned into a bit of a hibernation from the site and to be perfectly honest the idea of taking the time to write up and talk about anything didn't really offer me any enjoyment! However as we nearly enter March... how on earth did that happen?! I have refreshed the page with new titles and I am ready to keep working on something that I enjoy... and besides I've actually really missed it.

Despite the lack of online presence as I avoided all form of contact during a bout of "January Blues", I have of course seen a fair amount of theatre, that I will summarise quickly in order to feel a bit better about my neglect.

Ghost the Musical: Catching one of the last performances of Richard Fleeshman and Caissie Levy in the lead roles before they headed off to the bright lights of Broadway, this production is visually stunning with a set design and visual effects that I thoroughly enjoyed. Upon a second listen the Soundtrack has been a staple on my ipod over the past few weeks.

Arts Ed have produced two wonderful productions of The Producers and Singin' in the Rain, and continuing for my passion for their training over in Chiswick, the standard of dance and performance in these shows were as high as ever.

West End previews of Absent Friends and Hay Fever left me with a feeling of "They were ok" both comedy plays were well executed but didn't really astound me, but then perhaps thats to be expected with a Noel Coward play.

Concealing Rattigan at the Jerymn Street theatre was an interesting piece of biographic theatre, but there was an element of Wikipedia writing as actors were talk for long passages of fact to give the audience the information but resulting in unnatural performances.

and finally, bringing me up to speed, I was fortunate to see Lucky Stiff, a musical farce I was surprised most of my peers had seen despite me knowning nothing about it. The set of some 8 doors above the pub at The Landor present a fun romp through the most farcical storyline I have probably ever witnessed.

So 2012, has been a bit sluggish for me so far, but I feel rejuvinated and ready to get back onto this. Perhaps it's because I'm unsure about my new moleskine diary... but nevertheless I'll get used to it, and as it fills up with more and more shows and things to do in theatre, I'm ready to start bloggin' again!


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