I just wanted to say...

I just wanted to say...

A Round Heeled Woman

TheatrePosted by Pete Dec 08, 2011 13:47

The one where an old lady sets off in quest for sex?

Before I turn 67 – next March – I would like to have a lot of sex with a man I like. If you want to talk first, Trollope works for me.

This is the personals ad placed by Jane Juska in the New York Times. Nearing the age of 68 and having being celibate for the majority of her adult life, this educated former English teacher takes her life into her own hands with humorous consequences.Sharon Gless of Cagney and Lacey fame plays the part of Jane and takes the audience through an hour forty of the encounters she has. Inundated with replies to her ad, seeking for a companion isn’t as easy as one might expect.

The play has some real howlers of one liners, straight from the off Gless is seen on the bed having phone sex, “of course im alone, you think I’d do this in front of an audience?” the lights change and suddenly Jane is staying at us all in our seats! Director Jane Prowse has created many moments of hilarity, the girls waiting for the exact stroke of 7pm before drinking a glass of wine is presented in a way that had all in the audience relating to a little and laughing heartily.

The supporting cast work incredibly hard in this production taking on the many characters needed to present Janes “adventures” I team assisting the cast deserve full credit as the quick changes are often incredibly quick and for Beth Cordingley in particular, her hair is constantly on the move as she changes from character to character and including the fictitious Miss Mackenzie, a character of Jane’s passion for work by Edward Trollope.

The piece is well humoured but I struggled to find the longevity in the piece. After the interval the second half rambles around until everything seems to come to a conclusion pretty quickly. I struggled to place the audience for this show, and it’s not as though I didn’t appreciate it, I just personally think it’s a very peculiar show for the West End.

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