I just wanted to say...

I just wanted to say...

Palace Voices

About in LondonPosted by Pete Nov 25, 2011 16:40

After an interesting journey to Hampton Court palace... cancelled trains, taxi journeys with kind ladies who paid for it on her work expenses, and a walk across a bridge in a mustard coloured coat... we arrived to a dark and historically haunting sight of Hampton Court. Closed off to the public and the majority of the windows in darkness we are taken through a small door at the side of this epic building.

The building was eerily quite and very dark as only a few corridors were dimly lit, but the reason we were here? Upstairs in a room just off from the famous Great Hall we were transported back in time to the days when King Henry the Eight stood to be painted in the portrait that dominates the staircase we climbed to reach the room.

The Palace Voices is a staff choir of the Historical Royal Palaces charity and members from all of their sites including my housemate had been rehearsing for a selection of numbers to celebrate the 400th year of the completion of The King James 1st Bible.

The concert was lovely and to be surrounded by such history listening to music of the time was really quite special and I am very glad I got to experience it in which many will never get to do.

Leaving the building was a bit of a mission in the dark, as we ventured out alone and ending up crossing the silence courtyard in the moonlight, it did all become a little unnerving, but eventually from pressing door after door we found the small side door we were able to vacate from.

I wish I had a staff choir... except it would be a quartet.

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